About Us

Delicaseys is ultimately about the flavour.

Its always been our goal to develop a chocolate that above all, has a fresh flavour that dances on your taste buds.

Delicaseys Chocolates started in 1999, with a dream to produce chocolates with the ultimate concern for flavour. Keeps them coming back for more. Its about quality of ingredients and keeping products fresh. The big boys are obviously applying a different method of rocket science.Through years of trial and yes some errors, and a never give up attitude, one moulds their ingenuity into that self taught unique style that works. Over the years of experience I have learned to appreciate working with high end chocolate, and methods to infuse it with unique and natural flavours. We’re darkening things up and its only going to get better.

The first, and ultimately the signature flavour is Orange Bliss. It is made using the whole orange which is cut into quarter slices and slow cooked in a light syrup for a…….long time.

In the early days, this was our only flavour at a stall at the Manly market. The reception was good, and Delicaseys Chocolates began to grow with more customers, and thus accumulating more interesting flavours.

Eighteen years on, Delicaseys now produces over 30 flavours. Not all are available online. We work predominately with dark chocolate and are careful to ensure the right balance of flavours and ingredients. Each recipe is carefully blended using high-quality roasted, dried and freshly cooked products. You can easily distinguish the quality of our chocolates for many a number of reasons.

I wish to thank all of our dedicated customers who have, and continue to enjoy our chocolates over the past many years. If you are new to Delicaseys, I invite you to join us and taste the wonderful combination of flavours covered with smooth dark Belgian chocolate. A great tasting chocolate will always leave a beautiful lasting memory.

I personally guarantee the quality and freshness of all our unique chocolates.